Sallie Portnoy Glass


Sallie Portnoy was born in Mid West Canada. Her works mainly focus on figurative sculpture created in cast glass lead crystal. She is prolific and is known also to work in clay, bronze, cement, polystyrene, glass mosaic, and stainless steel. Portnoy also specializes in the design and fabrication of interior & exterior mosaic floors & walls. Community projects as well as weekend workshops and summer school teaching are welcomed distractions to her solo studio practice.

Portnoy says, “Where I get my inspiration is a mystery to me. I am often surprised at what I create and excited at how it provides me with a window into the deeper levels of my subconscious. I travel a lot – back to North America for family and friends and to as many exotic destinations as possible. My interest has always been in human nature, human form, human psychology, mysticism, ritual, and the mysteries of life.

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